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7.8. 2017

Project Vacancies

Please check out our project vacancies. We are cuurrently looking for: Field manager Insect specialist Would you like to join our team? Find more here.

13.6. 2017

World wildlife day with Tarsius Project

Because of our succeessful breeding event we bring a news about World wildlife day activities with a little delay. On 4th March 2017 the big educational event “World Wildlife Day” took place in BQ Mall in Tagbilaran City. This initiative aims to increase knowledge and awareness about wildlife globally and is performed by different institutions and organizations...

5.6. 2017

Press release – Philippine tarsier, one of the world´s most endangered primate, born in Tarsius Project Conservation centre

A baby of the Philippine tarsier (Tarsius syrichta) was born in the Tarsius Project Conservation Centre on Bohol Island, Philippines. The tarsier baby was born on 30th April and now after more than one month it seems to be active and healthy and the mother Nina takes a good care of him. So there is a good...

18.4. 2017

Czech ambassador visited Bohol Island

At the beginning of April Czech embassy officials visited Bohol Island. Here ambassador Jaroslav Olša with Jan Vytopil after a debate with Edgar M. Chatto, Governor of Province of Bohol and his team. Tarsius Project was also discussed. We are grateful for a longterm favour of the governor and our embassy!

14.2. 2017

A rediscovery of Dinagat bushy-tailed cloud rat helped starting conservation activities on Dinagat Island, Philippines.

Press release A Dinagat bushy-tailed cloud rat, belonging to the biggest rodents of the world, is endemic to only one tiny island of the world – Dinagat Island, Philippines. This species was captured only once in the history, in 1975. It belongs to critically endangered species, and was even feared to be extinct until early...

13.11. 2016

Mapping of protected areas on Dinagat Island

  Winter is coming so it is the best time to go to tropics again. The main target of this expedition is not Bohol Island as usual (of course we will stop there as well to see how are our tarsiers and our colleagues doing) but mainly we will focus on Dinagat Island. For the...

11.10. 2016

Establishment of official collaboration with a local University!

Past weeks entailed efforts towards delineation of possible directions of development of the Tarsius Project. Since April we had been discussing with the University of San Carlos in Cebu City, which is one of the most renowned higher education institution in Visayas and in the Philippines. Staff of their Department of Biology make efforts to...

25.8. 2016

International volunteers helping the Tarsius Project

Since travelling among countries is becoming more and more available, young people from all over the world are seeking opportunities to help different organizations, foundations and projects as much as they can. One of those groups approached us with their willingness and hands to help. This was the first inquiry of this kind in the...

25.7. 2016

Who wants to be a conservationist?

The idea which was growing long time in the heads of the Project staff finally came true. The Tarsius Project is educating again! This time we went a little bit further. After the success of the programmes for elementary schools and teachers, the program for the high schools was developed. We titled it “Who wants to...

18.7. 2016

Reconstruction of the tarsier enclosure has started

We have a good news from the Philippines – the reconstruction of the tarsier breedig enclosure has started. As we have informed you our activities for this year have beed supported by the Ministry of foreign affairs as a part of development cooperation. The contract was signed at the beginning of May at the Czech embassy in...

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