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15.4. 2016

Looking for volunteers

Again, we are looking for  a highly motivated and enthusiasm field assistant to join our team for minimum 6 months starting in July. Please find more info here.

8.4. 2016

Countdown has started!

Few months ago we informed you that our mating attempt was successful, as Julius and Nina copulated twice. Initially, our female did not show any increase in weight, which resulted in a little disappointment. Situation has changed dramatically in March, when we noticed that she had gained few grams, which is already above her average oscillations....

29.3. 2016

Grant from Development Cooperation of Ministry of foreign affairs

It is our pleasure to inform that the Tarsius project got support from Ministry of foreign affairs as a part of Development cooperation for 2016. These funds will be used for improving the tarsier enclosure. The nylon net cover is unsufficient and often destroyed by rats and other intruders. Therefore the whole enclosure complex will be...

27.2. 2016

Presentation at Poznań Zoological Garden

Educational initiatives on endangered species should not, and are not, restricted to the countries of their occurences. Zoological gardens play big part in those efforts. Most often they have those animals in their collection, which makes education more powerful. Modern zoos should not only conduct educational activities, but also support in-situ projects on different levels,...

5.2. 2016

Volunteering experience

Do you want to volunteer for the Tarsius project? Read experiences of Maarten who stayed with us for a couple of weeks. „My name is Maarten Storm, I’m a 33 year old aquarium technician who loves to travel. In late 2015 I was left with a couple weeks of vacation. Normally I’d take this opportunity to take my backpack...

6.1. 2016

The Singular Uniqueness of Tarsiers

Read The Singular Uniqueness of Tarsiers, an article by our field manager Filip Wojciechowski. South-East Asia draws the attention of many tourists and travelers because of its rich cultural heritage, globally famous cuisine, and picturesque views. But there are a growing number of people who are starting to shift their attention to the native wildlife of...

10.12. 2015

Adopt a tarsier

Are you thinking about unusual Christmas gift? Adopt a tarsier in the Philippines! Julius and Nina are waiting for you in our centre in Bilar. The adoption is symbolic. Your contribution of 4 thousand CZK (150 euro) will be used to achieve goals of the project. As a reward you will receive a certificate, colourful picture of the...

2.12. 2015

Philippine tarsier listed among world´s 25 most endangered primates

The latest edition of ‘Primates in Peril: The world’s 25 most endangered primates’ has been revealed last week. Compiled by the Primate Specialist Group of IUCN’s Species Survival Commission (SSC), Bristol Zoological Society, the International Primatological Society (IPS), and Conservation International (CI), new additions to the list include Philippine tarsier (Tarsius syrichta) and Lavasoa Mountains...

26.10. 2015

Hot news from tarsiers!

We bring hot news from our first tarsier pair. Nina and Julius mated for the first time. We will see if this breeding attempt was successful. If so, in about half year we can expect a first tarsier baby born in our centre.

19.10. 2015

Nina and Julius finally together

Hot news from last week! More than one year since we got Julius, the first tarsier in our conservation centre in Bilar, we could finally put our male and female tarsier together in one enclosure. Nina and Julius are currently housed in a smaller enclosure (meant for quarantine purpose, better observation or in case when needed...

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