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8.12. 2020

Dinagat bushy-tailed cloud rat and a new protected area

Today, it is already four years since I saw one of the most elusive animals if the world – the Dinagat bushy-tailed cloud rat. Also, I want to share with you one amazing news that I got recently from my colleague from the Philippines – a new protected area was established recently on Dinagat island.   But let me...

29.7. 2019

Video clip award

Tarsius Project is involved in surveys and conservation of Dinagat Island fauna since several years. Watch the video clip that shows our effort and won 2. price in ZGAP clip award 2019! Thank you for your support.    

28.2. 2019

Good bye to Bohol Island

We started our Philippine tour in Manila where we met Czech ambassador Jana Šedivá and Jana Peterková and presented activities of the Tarsius Project to them. Now we have just visited Bohol Island, where we spend almost ten years on research and conservation of the Philippine tarsier. Our team together with local organizations was involved...

11.1. 2019

Expedition Dinagat 2019

We are in the very last phase of preparations for the next expedition do the Philippines! We plan a short trip to visit Bohol Island to visit our tarsiers at the centre that the Tarsius Project helped to establish and present our results to local conservation authorities. But we plan to spend the biggest part of our...

3.10. 2018

Tarsius Project was presented on conservation conference

GBCC – Global biodiversity conservation conference was held last week in Prague at University of Life sciences. Milada Řeháková presented the Tarsius Project poster, where she informed about Philippine tarsier infants´ behaviour and maternal care of this species. Milada Řeháková and Lubomír Peške from Tarsius Project I present the first observations on the ontogeny of...

4.6. 2018

Preliminary Observations of Infant Ontogeny in the Philippine Tarsier (Tarsius syrichta) and the First Description of Play Behaviour and Its Ontogeny in Tarsiers

Last week another paper about tarsier behaviour written by Milada Řeháková, the Tarsius Project leader, was published. It is a book chapter focusing on behaviour of the infants. In this paper I present the first observations on the ontogeny of tarsier infants during their first and second month and of the mother-offspring bond from birth until separation....

4.5. 2018

Tarsier baby born in conservation centre in the Philippines celebrates first birthday

4th may has been announced as international tarsier day. Tarsier baby born last year in a conservation centre on Bohol Island which was developed as a part of the Tarsius Project celebrates its first birthday. It is a huge success. Let´s see what all is behind this success and what he we have learnt thanks to it. RNDr....

2.10. 2017

International help for the second time!

Do you remember the volunteers who came last year to help out the Project? The organizers liked our place that much that they decided to come with their help this year as well! Some of the faces were familiar, but mostly new people decided to support the development of the Tarsius Conservation Center with their...

11.9. 2017

How the Tarsius Project builds local capacity!

Do you remember the visit of Cebu students in September last year? Young Filipinos liked our Project that much that they wished to come and gain working experience with us! As a part of collaboration between the Project and the University of San Carlos, we hosted students of Environmental Science Between 18th April and 2nd June...

19.8. 2017

From tarsiers to cloud rats, scientist strives to save Philippine species

An interview with Milada Řeháková on Mongabay.com. In this interview, Milada Rehakova shares how she and her husband rediscovered the bushy-tailed cloud rat, previously thought extinct, on Dinagat Island in 2012. Rehakova is currently working with local allies to establish the first protected areas on Dinagat Island to protect the cloud rat and tarsiers among...

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