International help for the second time!

Do you remember the volunteers who came last year to help out the Project? The organizers liked our place that much that they decided to come with their help this year as well! Some of the faces were familiar, but mostly new people decided to support the development of the Tarsius Conservation Center with their own hands.

Like last year, these young people came to Bohol to contribute to construction of facilities for children in few municipalities. Our Project was included in their itinerary and on 26th July they came to enhance our insects breeding facility.

The volunteers were given short introduction to tarsiers and the issues they face to struggle in their survival. As time was running out, they were shortly after split into two working groups, and assigned to two small projects. One of them was planting trees around the project site in order to reforest the area as well as to attract more insects to our location. Second group continued the hard work from last year – construction of a clay wall around the insects breeding station, so it could be entirely enclosed area.

The planting group finished very quickly and joined the other group in building the wall. All of the people, including the Project staff, worked arm in arm to raise the wall. Thanks to the work of nearly 20 people, this small project was nearly finished and our insects breeding station is almost a closed room now, which helps to maintain the stable temperature and humidity which are crucial factors in insects breeding.

Like last year, the day was full of sweat, dirt and tiredness, but was also entirely filled with fun, laughter and cultural exchange between representatives of different nationalities.  The Project staff is very thankful once again for interest in our Project and willingness to help us out in one of the ways they could, to contribute to our work on the Philippine tarsier conservation. What more is there to add… As Filipinos say: Balik-balik (Come again!).

Text: Filip Wojciechowski

Photos: Phoenix Beamish

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