Reconstruction of the tarsier enclosure has started

We have a good news from the Philippines – the reconstruction of the tarsier breedig enclosure has started. As we have informed you our activities for this year have beed supported by the Ministry of foreign affairs as a part of development cooperation. The contract was signed at the beginning of May at the Czech embassy in Manila, where the ambassador Jaroslav Olša, counsellor Jan Vytopil, the Habitat Bohol conservation centre founder Cristy Burlace and Tarsius project leader Milada Řeháková were present.

at the Czech embassy in Manila after signing the contract

The breeding enclosure, where our first tarsier par lives, was built between 2012-2014. However, the nylon net that covers the enclosure appeared to be insufficient. The enclosure needs to be covered with wire mesh and metal sheets to prevent entering of the predators that can hurt the tarsiers or eat their food. The reconstruction has been funded by the mentioned grant. After that we will be able to get a second breeding female. Apart form the reconstruction the grant will support our educational activities because work with the local community, especially kids and teachers, is very important.

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