World wildlife day with Tarsius Project

Because of our succeessful breeding event we bring a news about World wildlife day activities with a little delay.

On 4th March 2017 the big educational event “World Wildlife Day” took place in BQ Mall in Tagbilaran City. This initiative aims to increase knowledge and awareness about wildlife globally and is performed by different institutions and organizations worldwide. The Tarsius Project decided to join global efforts. The Project staff had come into collaboration with the Balyena Project from Jagna, Bohol, which focus on marine wildlife of the Philippines. These two organizations came into agreement to strengthen and pursue further their educational activities and joined worldwide efforts to celebrate the World Wildlife Day, enabling Boholanos to learn more about animal species inhabiting their Island.

The event started at 10 AM and had its grand opening with main quest speaker – PENRO Bohol, Mr. Nestor Canda. He gave the speech to visitors of BQ Mall about importance and diversity of Philippine, mostly Bohol, wildlife. After the opening the audience was invited to participate in various activities throughout the day until 4 PM. It started with quizz related to the Philippine tarsier and Humpback whale, when participants could check their knowledge. Another major game was “Wildlife-Niche Match” where the contestants could pin particular animals to their food, habitat as well as islands they inhabit in the Philippines. The last of the big activity of the day was “The Wildlife hunt”, in which audience grouped in teams had to find hidden information related to the Philippine tarsier, use them and complete sheets with questions uncovering life of tarsiers. In between these games the hosts of the day prepared other educational fun activities for the Mall visitors, among others, interactive exhibit of mammals of Bohol, photo exhibits, whale jigsaw puzzles, face painting, animal coloring and slideshow on projects activities. What is more, everybody could have taken a photo with a tarsier mascot.

This educational event was successful, drawing attention of people visiting the BQ Mall. Audience has been keen to gain as much information as they could and hopefully learnt a lot from what we prepared for them. Thanks to this event the Tarsius Project has gained a lot of experience and what is more important, started educating Boholanos, not only locally in Bilar, but regionally, reaching much bigger target audience.

Text: Filip Wojciechowski

Photos: Maria Beaumont

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