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14.6. 2009

Summer Science Internship Program with tarsiers

This time we do not present news about tarsiers but something else strongly related to our work here. One of the major parts of the Tarsius project is conservation education. In May we had great opportunity to lead Summer Science Internship Program for high school students. Thirteen students from Philippine Science High School in Cebu joined...

29.5. 2009

Another tarsier baby

Two weeks after the female in the enclosure gave birth (we informed you about it in previous news) we found out that our radio-collared female has a baby. Considering that we have only two radio-collared males and one female, it was very pleasant event for us. We follow the mother and baby every day, but she...

15.5. 2009

Photographer Petr Slavík supports Tarsius Project

The work on the project keeps going well. We were recently pleased by a visit of a professional wildlife photographer Petr Slavík… Petr spent a week on the site a tried to fully absorb all the impressions. As a wildlife photographer he travels all around the globe to animals and thus the tropical rainforest environment was natural for him. I was...

24.4. 2009

Tarsier baby

An important event happened last Friday in the semi-captive enclosure in Corella. Shortly after our arrival I was informed that one of the females was pregnant and would give birth soon. I was waiting with baited breath for birth of this little one. The day, or maybe night, finally came. Carlito was waiting for me until I came...

8.4. 2009

We have started with radio-telemetry

Last week was full of adventure. Everything was prepared for catching of the tarsiers and installing the radio transmitters. We asked Carlito Pizzaras called the tarsier man to do this work. Every day we went together to the forest and within one week we were able to catch the animals.

29.3. 2009

After one month of fieldwork

First month of the fieldwork is over.

13.3. 2009

Research continuous…

We have first success. We managed to record several types of tarsier calls.

7.3. 2009

Finally in the forest

We are here with first news from the field, until now mostly about the traveling. After long flight we landed in Manila. My main goal was to go Bohol as soon as possible.

26.2. 2009

We are leaving for the field work

The time of sitting and planning at home is going to end and we are now about to move to the field. We are flying to Manila tomorrow. From there we will move to Bohol to the place where our project will be conducted. We will keep you informed on these web pages about the...

4.1. 2009

New species discovered

There is still a lot to explore in the world of tarsiers as documented by two successes of the expert scientists – rediscovery of Tarsius pumilus and description of a new species Tarsius tumpara.

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