After one month of fieldwork

First month of the fieldwork is over.
After arrival on the locality we started to prepare for the project. As we have already informed you, there is no map of the locality available. Therefore one of the first steps was mapping of the terrain using GPS. We already covered most of the trails and paths around the centre. So far we do not know the exact locality for catching, so after we catch the animals we will continue with mapping in more detail.

We also worked hard on the other part of the project, study of acoustic communication. We go to the forest for recording every day. The Philippine tarsiers do not vocalize regularly, but mostly around sunset around 6 pm. Vocalization of the Philippine tarsiers has not been studied in detail yet. During our fieldwork we already succeeded to obtain some of the acoustic signals from animals inside the semicaptive enclosure and also free living animals around the centre.

Finally, everything is prepared for trapping of the animals. It was necessary to modify the radio transmitters that we will put on the animals´ necks. The long and thick antenna could be dangerous for the animals. But thanks to skilful hands of Lubomír Peške we have the first radio-collars ready and tested for use. The next step will be done by our co-worker Carlito Pizzaras. Nicknamed the tarsier man he is the most experienced man who will help us with catching of the tarsiers. Hopefully, tomorrow first of the tarsiers will carry our radio-collar.


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