Photographer Petr Slavík supports Tarsius Project

The work on the project keeps going well. We were recently pleased by a visit of a professional wildlife photographer Petr Slavík…

Petr spent a week on the site a tried to fully absorb all the impressions. As a wildlife photographer he travels all around the globe to animals and thus the tropical rainforest environment was natural for him. I was surprised and pleased though that right after the arrival, having a cold and being tired from two days long air travel, he jumped into browsing the forest with an antenna until 1 AM searching for the tiny tarsiers with me in a real tropical downpour. And more was to come. Within a week Petr managed to shot unique and – I dare to say – so far the best photos of the Philippine tarsier which you will soon have a chance to admire on the author’s website. I can already reveal that we successfully recorded the mother in the enclosure of whom we informed you in the previous news.

We named the baby Cipisek (after a popular child character from TV) and it was amazing to observe how he evolves during the week. We also have unique shots of a hunting tarsier. Petr Slavík significantly helped with his photographs to support the Tarsius Project and both we and the tarsiers are thankful for that. You can also read a text about mapping of the terrain on Radio Leonardo website [in Czech only]


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