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4.6. 2018

Preliminary Observations of Infant Ontogeny in the Philippine Tarsier (Tarsius syrichta) and the First Description of Play Behaviour and Its Ontogeny in Tarsiers

Last week another paper about tarsier behaviour written by Milada Řeháková, the Tarsius Project leader, was published. It is a book chapter focusing on behaviour of the infants. In this paper I present the first observations on the ontogeny of tarsier infants during their first and second month and of the mother-offspring bond from birth until separation....

5.6. 2017

Press release – Philippine tarsier, one of the world´s most endangered primate, born in Tarsius Project Conservation centre

A baby of the Philippine tarsier (Tarsius syrichta) was born in the Tarsius Project Conservation Centre on Bohol Island, Philippines. The tarsier baby was born on 30th April and now after more than one month it seems to be active and healthy and the mother Nina takes a good care of him. So there is a good...

9.5. 2016

First attempt to breed Philippine tarsiers in Tarsius Project Conservation Centre

We succeeded to establish a conservation centre for the Philippine tarsier in Bilar, Bohol Island, with a huge effort of all people involved and a substantial support of some international organizations. A breeding enclosure is a part of this centre. Philippine tarsier have not been successfully kept and bred in zoos so far. Considering that the wild population is still...

2.12. 2015

Philippine tarsier listed among world´s 25 most endangered primates

The latest edition of ‘Primates in Peril: The world’s 25 most endangered primates’ has been revealed last week. Compiled by the Primate Specialist Group of IUCN’s Species Survival Commission (SSC), Bristol Zoological Society, the International Primatological Society (IPS), and Conservation International (CI), new additions to the list include Philippine tarsier (Tarsius syrichta) and Lavasoa Mountains...

7.4. 2012

News about the last Czech fieldtrip to the Philippine tarsier

It is almost one year since I have come back from my last fieldtrip to the night pixies, the Philippine tarsier. During that time we have been busy with data analyses, preparation of the next steps and also gathering funds for further continuation of the Tarsius project. The project has been dealing with tarsier research and...

4.5. 2018

Tarsier baby born in conservation centre in the Philippines celebrates first birthday

4th may has been announced as international tarsier day. Tarsier baby born last year in a conservation centre on Bohol Island which was developed as a part of the Tarsius Project celebrates its first birthday. It is a huge success. Let´s see what all is behind this success and what he we have learnt thanks to it. RNDr....

19.8. 2017

From tarsiers to cloud rats, scientist strives to save Philippine species

An interview with Milada Řeháková on Mongabay.com. In this interview, Milada Rehakova shares how she and her husband rediscovered the bushy-tailed cloud rat, previously thought extinct, on Dinagat Island in 2012. Rehakova is currently working with local allies to establish the first protected areas on Dinagat Island to protect the cloud rat and tarsiers among...

19.12. 2011

The Czech deputy minister of foreign affairs visited the Philippines and also the tarsier conservation project

In December the Czech deputy minister of foreign affairs Tomáš Dub visited the Philippines. During this time he visited also Bohol Island, the field site of the Tarsius project led by a Czech zoologist focused on conservation of the Philippine tarsier. He has also a meeting with the undersecretary of policy and planning Demetrio L. Ignacio. The...

14.2. 2017

A rediscovery of Dinagat bushy-tailed cloud rat helped starting conservation activities on Dinagat Island, Philippines.

Press release A Dinagat bushy-tailed cloud rat, belonging to the biggest rodents of the world, is endemic to only one tiny island of the world – Dinagat Island, Philippines. This species was captured only once in the history, in 1975. It belongs to critically endangered species, and was even feared to be extinct until early...

18.7. 2016

Reconstruction of the tarsier enclosure has started

We have a good news from the Philippines – the reconstruction of the tarsier breedig enclosure has started. As we have informed you our activities for this year have beed supported by the Ministry of foreign affairs as a part of development cooperation. The contract was signed at the beginning of May at the Czech embassy in...

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