Tarsier theater performance

Another project field assistant, Elba, has left after spending six months with us. Elba liked to work with locals, was involved in workshops and created a book for local children that should help to educate them about tarsier conseration. Here is her story:

„All children like stories, and if with that story they learn about tarsier and become interested in caring for the environment, the goal is achieved!

“The life of the Tarsier Ani”  is a children’s short story about a baby tarsier called Ani, who became a hero when saved his mom from a dangerous situation.

This book is just the reflection of my field observations, including my fears, and a little touch of fantasy.  Once the plot was written, it needed to be illustrated. First I made ​​sketches, sometimes to draw I looked the tarsiers, and particularly their positions, that appears in the photos I took during my behavioral studies in the forest.  To make the final drawings I went to the city and bought paper and the cheapest color pen set I found.  I enjoyed painting, that relaxes me, but you must not neglect your job: the rain water dripping from the roof of the hut, ants and other animals can snatch and shatter it; well as color pens can be finished just when you want to paint your latest illustrations.  Then, add the text to the paintings, the book is ready!

But certainly it does not exist if is not being told children for whom it was written.

“The life of the Tarsier Ani” was prepared to be told theatrically: printed illustrations, tarsier constume, puppet made with toilet tissue tubes and the indispensable help of Macrino Arcamo, the narrator in local language. Let the show begin!“ (Text and photo: Elba Gonzalez Betancor)

Thank you Elba!


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