Presentation about project on Bohol Island State University

It is crucial for every conservation project to attract local people that are responsible for nature protection to join the conservation efforts. Therefore, when I was choosing a locality for our next research during this year, the possibility of cooperation with local organizations played an important role. There are two protected landscapes around Bilar so this area attracts interests of conservationists. We got great support in Simply Butterflies Conservation Centre which belongs to highly visited tourist spots here on Bohol island for several years. It brought us possibility to share information about tarsiers and our project with visitors.

Another important institution involved in the project is Bohol Island State University here in Bilar. In fact, our research is being done in forest managed by the university. We would be very happy if local researchers and student join our project and get practical experiences and hopefully continue in conservation activities in the future. So we were pleased when we were asked to prepare presentation for students and teachers of all subject related to research and nature conservation. On 24th February we had the presentation Radiotelemetry and conservation of threatened species of the world together with Lubomír Peške. Lubomír introduced the use of various technologies in research of different behavioural aspects especially in birds and then we followed with presentation about the Tarsius project. The audience was interested in the presentation. This semester is ending here in the Philippines, so we hope to attract some students of pre-final year to join us during or after the holidays.


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