World wildlife day with Tarsius Project

Press release – Philippine tarsier, one of the world´s most endangered primate, born in Tarsius Project Conservation centre

Philippine tarsier mother and baby, photo Milada Řeháková

Czech ambassador visited Bohol Island

A rediscovery of Dinagat bushy-tailed cloud rat helped starting conservation activities on Dinagat Island, Philippines.

Dinagat bushy-tailed cloud rat – photo by Milada Řeháková

Mapping of protected areas on Dinagat Island

Dinagat cloud rat - by William Oliver

Dinagat cloud rat – by William Oliver

Establishment of official collaboration with a local University!

International volunteers helping the Tarsius Project

Who wants to be a conservationist?

Reconstruction of the tarsier enclosure has started

on the Czech embassy in Manila

at the Czech embassy in Manila after signing the contract

First attempt to breed Philippine tarsiers in Tarsius Project Conservation Centre

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